oil painting art large modern minimalist

Archive Painting

Paintings produced through automation. Large scale and painted with a tiny brush, allowing the need to create, rather than the knowledge of what to create to control the individual, repeating the same process daily to produce new work. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Big pink skull beautiful drawing print goth pop


  Selection of miscellaneous drawings and prints.

car crash destruction drawing


Scenes from conflicts showing total devastation, attempting to examine the scene objectively by removing all human life and death from the image.

wrestlers motion wrestling art colour abstract

Stereoscopic Anatomy

Studies of motion based of Muybridge’s examinations of movement. Separating out the movements of the depicted wrestlers abstracting their movements examining the relationship between two bodies.

mixed media spiritual modern pattern art

Spirit Boom

Series of drawings and mixed media paintings using automated drawing techniques and traditional eastern mandala and spiritual pattern work to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

Collage digital contemporary modern art stag nature animal print

Cut and Stick

Cut and Stick is a series of collages by Matthew Hodge combining beautiful Art Nouveau wall papers to create striking, unique and distinct images of nature. The collages are digitally produced to create clean crisp pictures that are intriguing and complex ensuring that you always find something new and exciting each time you view them.

oil paint abstract


Current paintings, exploring ideas of distorting formal elements and rigid structures to produce fascinating abstract images.