A busy few months and the start of the…

I can’t believe it’s already March… the year seems to have barely started and we’re nearly a quarter of the way through it!

I’ve been so busy recently and unfortunately haven’t got around to completing much new Artwork (it’s coming I promise) or updating the website. It just seems to have been non stop and whilst I have made various twitter, facebook and instagram posts, I haven’t been updating the website despite so much happening.

There is new Artwork on the way and I am considering and planning a series of kaleidoscope inspired paintings, returning to my love of painting and geometric abstraction, to go along with continuing of the Cut and Stick series and the completion of the Give / Take sequence from the Stereoscopic Anatomy. Unfortunately at the moment time is not my friend at the moment…

So that’s a little bit about what I’m planning to get up to over the next few months (or at this rate – years) and I still haven’t said what I have been up to. Since my last update, way back when, I’ve had three exhibitions and developed a greetings card range.

Up until the New Year my Artwork was on display at Craftisan, a wonderful little craft emporium and cafe and in November I took part in the annual Front Room Art Trail, which is always a busy event (and was the final convincing I needed to replace the carpets). Both of these exhibits can be seen in the photographs with this post. The New Year started with an exhibition at the popular Tobacco Factory. I’m not big on reviewing myself but I think it is fair to say all the exhibitions have been well received. I am now looking at ways of filling my calendar moving forward, hopefully with lots of new and exciting pieces of work to exhibit. If anyone has any opportunities please let me know.

At my various exhibitions I had been selling a range of greetings cards taken from the Cut and Stick range.. These proved to be very popular, and whilst picking up a batch of prints Niche Frames (they really are the best for printing!) I was asked if I could supply them with my greeting cards. Cards are also still available from Craftisan. Finally retail partners!  If anyone from Clintons, Paper Chase or other high street retailers are reading this then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

Rather comically the ability to finish writing this post has been hindered by, once again, a lack of time (I started writing on 8th March!). Making and sharing Art needs to take a higher priority again and I am sure it will as things begin to settle again. With Easter fast approaching I am hoping to be able set some time aside to create some new and exciting work.