Artwork for the UN

I was approached at School about producing some Artwork for the UN conference in September to discuss the 17 sustainable development goals that they have set out. You can read about them here.

There were only 2 conditions attached to it:

  1. The pupils had to be involved.

  2. It needed to be done by the end of term…. with only 3 days to go until the end of term….

With all that in mind we set to work. The piece is based on the symbols the UN is already using for the sustainable development goals, with such a limited time frame to produce the work in we had to strip the process back to produce something interesting and striking as fast as possible. Whilst there are 17 goals the Artwork consists of just 16 as the 17 goal is the implementation of the other 16. I guess when put together the symbols create the seventeenth. The Artwork draws inspiration from the expressive style of Jasper Johns and collaged grids of Peter Blake. This is a large piece of work measuring 336cm x 238cm designed to be used as a backdrop on the stage for the speakers. I hope you like it.

Artwork produced to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals