Oh No! Summer’s nearly over….

I’m lucky at the moment; I’m off for summer from work allowing me plenty of time to do what I want to do. Which luckily for me, means spending time with this little guy:

The daredevil in action

As I write this he’s upstairs having a nap, giving me some time to work / relax / rant.

I’ve been considering the summer and how I spend my time versus what I actually thought I would get done and I began thinking about my other hobbies and work. As it is I feel guilty about how little time I have to concentrate on creating Art and nice things to share with people. Finding time to construct and plan around a full time job (yes teaching is a full time job!) and family can be tight. And then you have think about your own well being and build in time to relax…

That’s where the gym comes in. I love going to the gym, I’m not as into it as I used to be but that again is a time issue. Does anyone actually go to the gym for just an hour and keep fit? Whenever I try, door to door is at least two hours. If anyone can help me make this quicker and more efficient I’d like to hear from you… It’s important to me that I get to go and I try and go as much as possible when the little guy, work and other stuff allows me to.

Seriously how do you balance working out to be this fit, a full time job, making your own Art and family. Does anyone have an answer?

I guess what I’m saying is I need to somehow find more time to be doing things like this:


Whilst keeping everything in balance. I’ve no doubt I’m not the only person in this situation, and I’m sure I’m not the only person that spends more time thinking about what they want to do rather than just doing. Maybe I should just do and worry later. Maybe there is a trick to managing your time more efficiently without burning out. I wouldn’t even want to start to suggest what you do to prevent burn out -something that seems to be happening to more and more people that I encounter.

As a new term approaches, faster than expected (as it does every year), my mind has turned from all I wanted to achieve over summer, to the little I have achieved. Sure I’ve done lots of planning of new pieces of Art, written to quite a few people, updated the website, produced my planning for the next academic year and even managed to produce a couple of pieces of Art. But I always feel I could have done more and the apprehension of starting the year again is beginning to set in.

This is a face most of us experience in the early days of September. Something tells me if Arnie spent more time pulling this face rather than quaffing brandy in muscle poses he never would have made Mr Universe…

That last statement is wrong in some ways yet accurate. It’s not the same as the apprehension you feel of starting a new job, but the apprehension of being back into the daily grind. A daily grind that I’ve shelved for few weeks, allowing me to focus on creating and trying to get my Artwork out there (hello all you galleries and other’s I wrote to) and playing with the little guy. The faces, for the most part, will be the same as before, the attitudes and the politics will all be familiar but it takes time to settle back into the routine of work first, creativity and Art second. Or third, or fourth…

And that is where my struggle lies. Should my creativity, my desire to make and share be so low down on my list of priorities? I don’t feel it should. In my list of priorities, I think after my little family should be creativity and making Art.

The little family, the day she stopped being Mrs and became Dr….

Too often does this seem to be a topic of conversation between my friends and I. Where do we find the time to balance supporting a family and creating? Because let’s face it creating is not currently paying our bills. Well for some of us it is as graphic designers but I know they have their own things they’d like to work on. We make and we create because we want to not because we have to, although there is an argument that we create because we have to for ourselves.

I don’t know what the solution is, I’m not sure I’ll ever find it but I have some ideas of what it could be. For me I think I need to keep plugging away at this Art thing, keep going to the gym (big subscriber of healthy body, healthy mind), working hard and that I can make it all come good. Maybe a few years of tiredness is something we all need to go through to make what we want a reality.

Rant over for now…. I think….