More user friendly layout and cool robots

The featured image is the excuse I’m using (beyond other work commitments) for not having been so active recently. But cool huge Duplo Monster Robots rock….

Anyway, now that I seem to have some time – although I’m sure there is plenty for me to be doing – I’ve rejigged the website to make it hopefully load quicker and be more user friendly.

The slideshow at the start always kind of bugged me – it seemed to take too long to load, didn’t load in all browsers and just seemed clunky. When you visit the site now you will go straight into a portfolio page which will guide you to galleries and the work that I have been producing. Hopefully the new layout will create a more enjoyable experience.

Within each of the gallery sections I’ve also added a small amount of text to give some insight into what the work is and what it is trying to achieve. I’ve always felt work should be able to stand by itself as an end product that the viewer can make decisions about. With that in mind I’ve attempted to make the accompanying text as succinct as possible.

The featured image also works as a beginning in a slight change in direction for the website. Up until now the website has been purely about my work, just a collection of images of what I have done and nothing more, no personality, no identity, no me. The website will still primarily be a portal to view my Art on but it will also become a window into who I am and what I do. I plan on sharing a wider aspect of my life, more than likely through long and rambling blog posts like this is becoming and by the end of it we should all be very well acquainted.

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