New Work, new energy, new focus

I’ve uploaded some new work over the last couple of days to the work section of the website, some new collages and a new plate for Give/Take flip book I’m looking to make.

I’m well aware that it has been a long time since I last posted anything here or on social media, I was shocked at just how long it had been. Anyway after a couple of mentally and physically taxing months between work, not being well and raising a little one I’m feeling a little re-energised about where I want to be and what I want to do here, which should motivate me to carry on on a frequent basis.

I’m particularly excited about the new collages I’m creating. They have a wonderful quality to them, combining a classic and contemporary look. Hopefully I’ll have plenty more of them added soon as they are a joy to make and to look at. The prints are available in the shop in a variety of sizes.

The plates for the Give/Take book are coming along, although slowly. Working in that style is meditative and time consuming. Hopefully there should be more examples ready for show soon, followed quickly by a crowd funding effort to have the book made and published.

Please go look at the new work, and maybe some of the older stuff. You can purchase any prints you like from the online shop.

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