Totterdown Advent Calendar

I feel a bit funny posting about the Totterdown Advent Calendar now that Christmas and the Holiday period is over and we’re all back a work…

Anyway here’s a selection of images from a paper batik that was displayed as a part of the event. I didn’t think I could be so cheeky to ask if I could ask if I could invade our neighbours bedroom to take a photo straight on so I’ve included some studio photos to try and show the work off. I have to say though there is something missing from it without the cold winter night and the back lighting projecting it out onto the street.

The image was created using a ‘paper batik’ technique that’s surprisingly easy to do yet time consuming. To produce the technique all you need is some sugar paper, oil pastels, watercolour paints, batik ink, wax, an iron and lots of time.

Firstly you draw out your design in oil pastel, this creates a barrier for the paints. You roughly paint the image in block colours with the watercolour paint. The watercolour paint should not set on the oil pastel. Once the image is dry you can add the hot wax. The paper need to be fully covered and soaked in the wax. Again wait for it to dry before crinkling it and causing cracks in the wax. Once this has happened you can rub in the batik ink. When dry you need loads of sugar paper and a hot iron. You put the sugar paper over the image and iron. The wax should melt and soak into the additional sugar paper, blotting the surface. When it is all dried the paper should feel more that fabric and is slightly translucent, it looks really fab when back lit like stained glass.

Credit where it’s due, these were not produced by me but by some of the children at School.

Have a go and see you what you can do.

Happy new year everyone.


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