Give / Take a flip book animation

I’ve been trying to think about the best way to get my work seen. I keep looking at the wrestlers and now that I have drawn a few I keep thinking about the sequence and motion they are going through. Each image is part of a sequence, a frame from a short film. In one image the move is being done by one of the figures, the other is receiving the move it is a sequence of giving and taking.

Through thinking about displaying work and the full sequence I kept coming back to the flip books I had as a child. The fun I used to have watching the short sequence, even making them myself on the corners of school books. I took the ideas of flip books and began to think about how a format would look, would both images be on the same page? Would the images be separated? Could the series be produced over two books, one give, one take? The more I played with the idea and thought about possibilities the more I liked it and saw more possibilities.

In the end the format I have settled on will be a single book. Flipping the book one way will reveal the give sequence, the other way will reveal the take sequence. The separating of the images will change the theme of absence in the images but by containing both within one book the links will be remain explicit.

Over the coming weeks I will be drawing out the rest of the images from the sequence to produce as prints but also to begin page layouts with a prototype made shortly after. As this project develops I will post updates on here. If you would like to help or offer guidance please get in touch using my contact page.