Totterdown Art Trail and OFSTED

This week was meant to be about one thing and one thing only: Getting ready for the Totterdown Art Trail. A busy week but a pleasurable one distributing maps, framing Artwork, finishing the website (it’s live but still not ‘finished’) and then the pay off at the weekend of opening up the exhibition to the public.

That was what the week was meant to be about, just that, I didn’t even plan on feeding my Destiny addiction just a full week of being Arty. Then Wednesday hit, a hurried member of office staff clicking down the hall making the most migraine inducing noise, “staff meeting 1.30 in the staff room”. And it’s happened, on the one week I hoped it wouldn’t OFSTED have called and they’ll be here tomorrow. Que panicked members of staff, frantically checking lesson plans, looking to each other for emotional support, cleaning of rooms and preparing of resources. It’s draining.

Unfortunately this means that my Art trail preparations had to be put on hold until Friday, the day the show should open. I still managed to sneak in the distribution of maps and the organising of Artwork. Hopefully the show will go up quick and I can go and relax with a beer tonight ready for the public on Saturday.

If your in Totterdown, Bristol over the weekend pop in and say hello. Once the shows up I’ll take photographs and post on here.